The Brand Power of Logos


Apple’s logo is one of the most iconic in the world. It’s a simple but beautifully drawn image that has stayed essentially the same since 1977 (with just a few color alterations along the way); the famous logo is undoubtedly one that people could see with their eyes closed. Or so we thought! Recently, 156 Americans were asked to recreate famous logos from memory, with Apple being the first test. The results were… let’s say mixed, but it showed just how memorable and recognizable a brand’s logo should be. After all, it’s no surprise that companies go through several logo changes until they find the one they want, not to mention fans who can produce some great logos as well.

You think the likes of Starbucks, Nike, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s just went with the first logo they thought of? Not likely. A good logo means instant brand recognition, and instant brand recognition means better commerce. Just ask UK oil company BP, who spent a staggering £136m ($179m) in 2000 to simply introduce their new logo and get the public acquainted with the updated look. In short: logos are taken very, very seriously.

It’s understandable that many new companies don’t know the first thing about creating a logo (just look at some of these bad examples), but any business that doesn’t take a decent amount of time to consider their logo is definitely shooting themselves in the foot. It’s not like logo generators don’t exist if you’re stuck for ideas – they definitely do – so it remains a mystery why a company wouldn’t care about the huge first impression that a logo provides.

A truly memorable logo will always be one that suits the business, not too complicated, nice to look at and in an ideal world – original. Of course, not everyone can get to the point where you don’t even need your company name as part of the logo (ala Starbucks, Apple, Nike), and we do understand how hard it is to find something that makes everyone happy; each person has different opinions and tastes. For example, back in 2010, clothing company Gap actually changed their iconic logo to something supposedly more contemporary and cooler, only to complete a full 180-degree turn and return to their former logo not long afterward. Apparently, Gap fans hated the new look and an outcry ensued. Now do you see how serious people take logos?