The Most Innovative Technology In The Security Sector

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Technology has changed the world as we know it, it has impacted every single sector – there’s not one industry that’s been untouched by new technology and all the gadgets and gizmos that have come with it. One sector that’s been significantly impacted – in a positive way – by technology is the security sector. Compared to the security solutions that were in place even ten years ago, things have changed significantly. There has been a major shift in how both commercial premises and domestic homes are protected, and all thanks to improvements in new technology. It’s clear that new technology has had an impact but how? Below are a few pieces of the most innovative technology that’s currently being used in the security sector.




Smart doorbells: Doorbells that simply play a funny tune when pressed are a thing of the past – the designs for these useful gadgets have changed significantly, thanks to smart technology. Some doorbells now have small cameras installed in them that can be viewed from inside the property or via a smartphone. This allows the user a better idea of who is in the vicinity of their home, giving them a more informed choice about whether to open the door. This feature is also useful for seeing who is snooping around your home – a lot of intruders ring a doorbell first to see if anyone is in and then have a snoop for any easy access points. Some doorbell designs also have microphones and speakers attached to them so that you can reply to the person who’s at your door, so they don’t think that the house is empty.


Wireless alarm systems: When it comes to security systems, one of the most vital features for any home or business is an alarm system. Alarm systems themselves are old pieces of technology and have been around for years, but thanks to new technology have been updated with some useful new features. Most security systems are now wireless which means that they are much more complex to disable. They also tend to contain membrane keyboards, some of which even have fingerprint recognition installed – ask any manufacturer of membrane keyboards, and they will tell you that one of the key industries they supply to is the security industry because of how effective these keyboards can be when fitted in alarm systems. Many wireless alarms also connect to smartphones, so that if the alarm goes off while the owner is out, they are alerted via an app.


Smart cameras: Security cameras used to simply record what was going on and had to be monitored at all times by someone, to catch any intruders. Today, however, security cameras have been redesigned and developed and are now much smarter and more interactive. They can be controlled via a smartphone and can be easily moved to face different directions. The stream from a camera or cameras can be sent directly to a smartphone of the user’s choice, so that it can be viewed whenever the user wants to see it, at any location – at home, at work, on the move.