The Soprano Slot Review: Bada Bing Beautiful


Arguably the greatest television show in history, the Sopranos still gets people talking today. Just a few weeks ago in the Guardian, they were debating that ending, a sign that the show still registers on our consciousness.   Indeed, if you check the price of the DVD box set at the moment, you’ll agree the Sopranos still has plenty of pull.

Regardless, it’s worth pointing out that there is a very good casino slot game based on the Sopranos. It’s not quite up to the standard of the television series, because, well, nothing compares, but it’s pretty darn good. If you want to find out more, you can find the Sopranos slot game at Licensing issues has meant the Sopranos slot is not yet widely available at UK casinos, but now some have picked it up fans of the show can have their fill. We dissect the game below:


The Sopranos slot was created by Aristocrat Gaming back in 2013, but a deal with gaming giants Playtech means the game falls under its brand. The Sopranos game is a 25-line video slot. It’s officially licenced product, meaning the imagery used in the game is authentic: real video clips, photos for symbols, music and so on.

The 25 paylines are adjustable. That means you can (depending on the online casino) play the slot from just 1p per spin. For high rollers, the game can be played up to £12.50 per spin.

Main Features

There are three main special features in the game:

Bada Bing Bonus

Arguably the best bonus for fans of the television series, the Bada Bing Bonus is awarded when three of the Bada Bing Symbols fall on the reels. In the bonus, you will choose members of Tony’s ‘Family’ to visit with the boss. Each time a Capo enters Tony’s office, a cash prize is awarded. Real footage of from the show is used, including plenty of the late, great James Gandolfini. You can win up to five different cash prizes in the Bada Bing Bonus, with the prize level linked to your total bet amount.

Stolen Goods Bonus

An inventive, yet simple, bonus game that is awarded randomly. You have to help Tony hide stacks of cash, choosing from four different locations. The cops will definitely search two locations, meaning another two will be safe. If you successfully hide the cash, you get to keep it.


Crime Family Free Games

The most potentially lucrative bonus game, and the most ambitious. You will be awarded the Crime Family Free Games Bonus when three Sopranos symbols fall on the reels. As you play the game over time, the bonus changes as you progress through the ranks, allowing you to choose from:

Soldier – 25 Free Games + Christopher Symbol as Extra Wild.
Capo – 20 Free Games with all wins multiplied by x2-x5.
Boss – 10 Free Games with 2-5 Extra Wilds per spin.
Family – 10 Free Games a special reel set featuring only high-paying symbols.


It’s complicated to speak about a jackpot in the game, because certain features can multiply your total win. But, with extra wild symbols, multipliers and other features available, it’s enough to know that winning 1000s of time your stake in a single spin is possible.


A really top game from Aristocrat/Playtech, one that honours its source material and offers inventive bonuses and ways to win. The highlight is certainly the Crime Family Free Games feature. Your progress is recorded over time, meaning you can leave the game and come back where you left off when unlocking the features. A success, which will make you want to re-watch the show.