Trendy Gadgets To Show The World What You’re Doing


Social media isn’t just about looking up the trending news and cultural topics. It’s about having your own platform to do whatever it is you like with it. It’s a little corner on the internet that is truly all yours. You only have people watching and reading the things you’re doing in your life if you want them to. Thus it gives more incentive to make things and show your friends and family the things you like doing and are interested in. because of this outlook and use of social media, technologies have had to be made to cope with the increase in demand from people who would like to create content. Other times you may just want to take people you love with you on a ride and show them the simple things you’re doing in life such as on a holiday. Speaking of which, live streaming on social media has taken off and it’s more than just smartphones that have this capability, there are some serious products out there that have great quality streaming. But since there are so many gadgets, some from companies most people have never heard of, which ones should you go for?

The newest gyro camera

Most people have heard of the GoPro company. Their camera has had an amazing impact on social media as more and more people show their lives and awesome skills in various activities. It was made a big a hit when Xtreme sports participants started to record their tricks and show off their daring in multiple different disciplines. Suddenly those that wondered what it would look like skiing down a mountainside at 60mph didn’t have to guess anymore. This product also showed people that would dive underwater and check out the marine wildlife beneath the surface. Also, racing car drivers could show the world through their perspective. A lot of imaginations were captivated and thus more and more people started to buy the GoPro camera. Now with over 10 million subscribers on the GoPro YouTube channel, the latest variant of their POV camera has came out. The GoPro Hero 7 Black edition shoots in 4K and at 60fps making it the best camera for live footage when strapped onto your body. There’s also a super-slow-motion capability with full HD shooting at 240fps. It’s tougher and more rugged than ever so even if you’re involved in a collision or accident it will not only work it will continue to film. Easily able to upload and also transfer any video to your cloud services such as Google Drive, it can directly upload videos to YouTube also.

Live Streaming from your smartphone

If you’re not willing to buy a specialist camera just to film what you’re doing outdoors or even indoors then you may need to rely on your smartphone. Modern smartphones can actually film in 4K also which goes some way to explaining why the price is so high for many when they are brand new. There are a whole list of smartphones that can film in 4K however this purely pertains to the quality of the footage. The base of 4K filming is 60fps but others can achieve more than this. However be mindful that this is probably only going to be done with the rear-facing camera as the front-facing camera is almost always of lesser quality. This is because this camera isn’t designed to take great video but rather for video calling and maybe live streaming on social media platforms.

However to upload your videos or live stream you’ll need a network that is great for massive data usage. A company like SMARTY offers SIM only deals which come in three different classes. The first is the small which is going to give you 2GB a month to use at a price of £7.50, the medium is 4GB at £10 a month and lastly the biggest deal is for 8GB of data a month at a price of £15. Great for those that are on holiday and want to upload family memories onto their cloud storage or even on their social media accounts. However it’s also great for continued use as the company will not blank and disregard any space you haven’t used up. It will merely be pinned onto your next month and the price of it won’t be charged to you additionally. If you have only used 2GB of your medium plan, then you will simply be given another 2GB to top it off and you’ll only pay £5 for that month. It’s a flexible plan, designed to keep costs down but give you as much data usage as possible.

Anywhere and anytime

Many cameras that take SD cards and SDHC cards don’t often have the ability to connect online. Therefore when they take pictures, they simply store their photos on the storage card. That means you are limited in the number of photos you can take. Despite the camera being a very good quality this is still a hindering aspect which means you have to plan out what you’re going to take photos of. Not very comforting to know that you’ll have to buy multiple cards and then upload the contents in bulk.

To connect with the internet and have the ability to upload your images from cameras straight away, place Eye-Fi cards in your camera instead. It has in-built wireless connectivity that allows any camera that takes either SD or SDHC cards to upload images to anywhere you’d like straight after taking them. These include 25 photo-sharing websites such as Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. On the other hand you can beam them straight to your home computer.

The best social media gadgets are those that make things easier instead of trying to be a gimmick. Uploading your photos of supreme high quality instantly from your camera is a godsend for those that want to take hundreds of pictures on their travels. You should also invest in a smartphone that can shoot video in 4K so you can have ultra high-quality videos of your holiday. If you’re doing something physical such as snowboarding you should buy a GoPro camera and particularly the newest version that gives the smoothest video.