Wait! Read This Before You Buy The iPhone 7

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The iPhone 7 has been out for a fair few months now, and there are contrasting reviews all over the internet about it. If you’re thinking of buying the iPhone 7, there are a few things you should probably know first. Whether you love it or loathe it will depend on a few things. Read on to learn more…

Absolutely Fine For The Regular Mobile Phone User

If you would consider yourself a regular mobile phone user and not really a tech geek, the iPhone 7 should be fine for you. It has a few special features you can use, but many people have complained that Apple ‘tried too hard’ with this phone. However, chances are you’ll have a fine time using it if you just take calls, browse the web, and snap some pics here and there.

No Headphone Jack

There isn’t a headphone jack. But don’t panic! Everybody seems to be going crazy over this, but Apple are sending out adapters so you can still use your regular headphones with the device. They were hardly going to leave anybody in the lurch, were they?

Similar In Appearance

The iPhone 7 is very similar in appearance to the 6 and 6s. The only real difference is the colors. There’s no more space grey, and instead we have black and matte black. The size and everything else is very similar, including the display. Although Apple says the colors can appear brighter on this screen, you may or may not notice.

Take a look at the infographic below to see what we’ve experienced in the past!

credit to MyTrendyPhone