What’s The Most Important Home Tech You’ve Got?

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More and more of us are using battery-powered portable or mobile tech these days. Independent GPS navigation systems for the car remain popular. Weatherproof wireless speakers for music on the go can be important too. We mustn’t forget the mobile phone itself. Of course, when we’re at home, we tend to be surrounded by tech that serves lots of different purposes. So what is the most important tech you’ve got for home use?



Today, tech serves to keep us safe as much as anything else. Security cameras are used by lots of people looking to provide a deterrent, or a means to catch anyone doing something illegal. Wireless cameras on your home network have become quite reasonably priced. Many are used as pet or baby monitors. Some can offer two-way communication so you can speak to people in the room with it.




Some of these systems connect to the internet. This means that still images, video and sound could be stored in the cloud. It has also proven possible to hack into the devices which can be pretty disturbing when you consider they’re often used to monitor your baby. Safety at home should definitely include safety with your online connection. Firewalls should be the bare minimum you use.



The humble landline may have seen its day pass, but there are plenty of other ways we communicate from our homes to the rest of the world. Some of the best broadband deals available are offering faster than ever connection speeds and unlimited data. This is essential if you’re using video calls and gaming. Streaming TV and movies have also become the norm. More and more of us are choosing on demand services over broadcast. When you have several people all watching something different, you need a connection that can handle the bandwidth.


Repeaters or boosters help to ensure the signal from your router, hub, or modem is strong enough in each room of your house. This can be ideal if you have any outbuildings or prefer your loft or basement space. Some people use internal comm systems to contact each other in different rooms of the house. This can be achieved using a chain speaker system, or even a monitor relay. Of course, with mobile phones, you could just text each other! Use your home wifi to send emojis and bigger image or video gifs to get the point across.



Gaming centres are often high up on the list of possessions you’d try to save from a fire! The latest gear has become so sophisticated that gaming has almost become a secondary service provision. Of course, the whole system includes so many peripherals, it’s hard to pick just one component as your favourite. The gaming chair with built in massager and speakers might be high up on your favourites list. Maybe the huge screen TV you have to play on?




There are plenty of gadgets and tech around the house that we might use for entertainment. Some people still value their blu-ray players so they can watch their favourite titles. Perhaps you have an old SNES or Xbox you can’t bear to part with just yet? Desktop or laptop computers at home are still used for personal web browsing. It’s not all work, work, work! And then, of course, is the drone, the remote control car, and the old Scalextric set!



Just because it offers convenience in life doesn’t mean it’s not important to you. Saving time means you have more time for the more important things like family, work, or gaming! Who would be happy living without a fridge freezer or a dishwasher? Many of us have found the robot vacuum cleaner to be a source of entertainment as well as enormously convenient. They may have been around for forty years, but few of us could live without a microwave. Whether your tech is old or new, chances are you’ve found it’s convenient.


Home coffee machines, smoothie makers, and slow cookers have become commonplace in the home too. What about your tablet? They’re handy just to grab for a few minutes of browsing when you can’t be bothered to boot up the laptop. And most of us have spent an hour or two gaming here when we’re not in the mood to fire up the PlayStation.


Of course, our trusty mobile phone is never far from our hands. Indoors or out, at home or at work, we’ve got it to hand to serve many of our needs. What’s your favourite gadget to use at home?