Xnspy Review: Unleashing the game of spying

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Monitoring technology has brought about radical transformation in the way we live. If you are familiar with the location-based technologies, then mobile spying won’t come as a surprise to you. This new wave of innovation has become mainstream in the market, especially after the advent of augment reality which has bridged the gap between real and digital world.

With the proliferation of smartphones, iPhones have emerged as sophisticated piece of technology which is why they are popular among people. However, in the contemporary times, these iPhones also have scrambled loopholes which is why privacy has become just an illusion today. A powerful iPhone spying software offers endless opportunities to the user to monitor their personal or business relationships. Xnspy is one such monitoring app that has revolutionised the whole spying experience.

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Let the spying games begin!

Pros – Offering an intuitive user interface, Xnspy is a covert monitoring app. It has introduced convenient features like watch-list alerts, phone recording, etc. that make it worth spying. the app promotes real-time monitoring and reporting.

Cons – Xnspy fails to deliver some features in Non-jailbreak version. No free trial is available and the refund policies are quite draconian. Limited usage as parental control.

The Verdict – It serves up well by monitoring an iPhone my mining iCloud backup. Xnspy offers discreet and remote monitoring of the target activities. The combination of state-of-the-art features and affordable pricing makes it ahead in the monitoring spectrum.

Overview – What is Xnspy?

A reliable monitoring app, Xnspy is specifically designed to keep a strict surveillance on the target. It aims at monitoring and reporting the target undetectably. Not all spying apps are serious when it comes to offering utility but with Xnspy, you can be prepared to get all what you require. Since its emergence, it has taken the monitoring arena by storm offering smart and productive spying. It has an impressive user interface that gives it an edge over other spying apps.


This iPhone spying software runs quietly in the background as it sticks to stealth monitoring so the target will never find out the hidden icon of this spy app. it is convenient for less savvy persons to use Xnspy as it offers online monitoring of the target information. All the data from the target iPhone is transferred to the web-based control panel of the user device, known as Dashboard Monitoring. The online console will provide access to plenty of target information with a simple tap on the target phone.

Installation and compatibility

A handy tool used for all business or personal activities, Xnspy is a cinch to install but first, you need to purchase a subscription package to create an online account. It takes about 3-5 minutes for the installation process which is both quick and easy. There is a Live Demo available on the website which gives you a detailed view of how to begin monitoring on the target device.


This all-in-one spy app is compatible with all iOS devices. Unlike installation in android phones, installation is different in iPhones. In a Jailbreak phone, physical installation of the app is mandatory. However, in a Non-Jailbreak iPhone, no physical installation is required. You only require iCloud login credentials of the target to sync the data to the online console for monitoring. CAUTION: One thing that undermines the usage of Non-jailbreak version of Xnspy is its limited set of features.

Xnspy features: what we like

Xnspy is an iPhone monitoring software that offers tons of ways to the users to spy on the target. It has an extensive range of features that are all quite promising. Though call monitoring, reading texts and chats, location tracking, etc. are available in almost all spy apps, here are some personal favorites which make the app quite unique and distinguished from others.

  • Watch-list alerts

Whether you do not recognize a phone number in the target phone or you want to determine a specific topic of conversation between your target and their contacts, watch-list alerts can be of immense help in both cases. It detects any unauthorized activity taking place in the target phone. Watch-list alerts can also be set on location so that you can create a virtual barricade on your target. These alerts will immediately notify you about specific target activities.

  • Phone recordings

Xnspy is a step ahead from other apps because of its call and surroundings recording feature. It automatically records all the target phone calls so that the user can listen to them whenever he wants. Surrounding recordings are also done so that you can hear the in-room conversation taking place near your target. This helps you to better comprehend the situation.

  • Remote commands

You can make remote commands via control panel if you want to wipe off data from the target phone, block apps, take live-screenshots, and lock the phone screen. These features are useful not only when monitoring spouses, employees, or kids but also in case your target iPhone gets stolen.

Pricing policy

Xnspy is known among people as an inexpensive, sophisticated monitoring technique. Its stringent refund policies significantly lower its value. But overall spying experience offered by the app is indeed worthwhile. There are two subscription packages offered: basic and premium. Basic package is available at $8.33/month while Premium package is for $12.49/month. The billing can be done in three modes; monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Though it’s a budget friendly app, but refund is not available after 10 days. Not kidding guys!

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Xnspy is an ultimate piece of admiration for those who are monitoring enthusiasts. It does a commendable job in spying through its quirky concepts, interactive interface and responsive customer service.