Synology DS110J NAS Disk Station

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Installing a hard drive into the Synology DS110J is indeed a very simple process. Firstly, the side panel is removed from the enclosure, this is done by sliding it off.

Synology DS110J

Inside the enclosure reveals a tray where a hard drive can be mounted and a 5cm fan. A 3.5" hard drive can be secured at both sides by using the two vertical tabs which stick out from the tray; unfortunately a 2.5" drive can only be secured at one side and so isn’t as secure.

Synology DS110J Synology DS110J

I installed a Hitachi Deskstar 80GB into the Synology DS110J. This was entirely simple and only involved sliding the hard drive onto the combined SATA connector and then securing it in place using four screws.

I then replaced the side panel and secured it with two screws.

Synology DS110J Synology DS110J

Finally, I connected the Synology DS110J to my Netgear Router using a LAN cable and connected the required AC power cable. Once powered on the Synology displayed a constant blue power light, a flashing amber Status light and a constant amber LAN light. Before installing the included software, I tried to find the NAS through Vista’s Network folder and My Computer. Unfortunately neither displayed the Synology, therefore I went ahead and installed the required software. After installation, I could successfully map the drive as a network drive to show up in My Computer and login to the NAS through Firefox.