Akasa 120mm Apache Fan

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Because it’s very difficult to test case fans in terms of the temperatures they achieve (there’s so many variables to consider and the results are often hardly different at all), I will not be testing the Akasa Apache fan in terms of this. Instead, I will conduct a Qualitative test on the fan’s noise as a Quantitative test is not possible without expensive sound equipment – measuring at this low of dBA is nearly impossible.


At both high (1300rpm) and low (600rpm) speeds the Akasa Apache Fan really amazed me. At low I could not hear any whir at all from the fan when installed in my case; and at high, there was a tiny bit of noise to be heard – but you had to listen really hard to notice. Akasa says at low the fan produces a remarkable 6.9 dBA and at high a subtle 16.05 dBA. This is a massively low recording, easily the lowest claim I’ve ever heard of in fact, but realistically, I believe Akasa because this fan really is dead silent.

If the max airflow of 57.53 CFM is true too, this fan is incredible. 57 CFM is pretty high for a case fan and for a SILENT case fan, blimey; I think we’re onto a winner.