Antec Six Hundred Gaming Case Review

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Antec have, for some time, been one of the most reputable companies when it comes to PC enclosures with an array of impressive enclosures catering for different users’ requirements. The high-end part of the market has been plugged consistently by the company with cases such as the P180, and its later revisions, not to mention the Twelve Hundred and many more to boot.

However, recently, Antec has decided to focus on the lower-to-mid price ranges and today’s review follows that theme: introducing the Antec Six Hundred gaming enclosure…

Antec on the Six Hundred

“The Six Hundred gaming case is designed for gaming purists. Those who appreciate lean, focused gaming engineering. Those who know what they want. And what they don’t. The Six Hundred is pure, simple gaming design at its finest. With new features like a built-in hot swap hard drive caddy, CPU cutout and top panel “moonroof” design, the Six Hundred doesn’t skimp on the flash. But when the going gets tough, the core features of the Six Hundred are what you’ll be crying out for: a hard-hitting cooling system that includes a 200 mm overhead TriCool™ blue LED fan; plus a perforated front bezel for swift airflow. With the Antec Six Hundred, you can float like a butterfly and sting like a nuke.”


  • Bottom-mounted power supply isolates heat and noise
  • Front-loaded hot swap 3.5″ SATA hard drive caddy
  • Perforated front bezel delivers maximum air intake
  • CPU cutout allows for easy installation of CPU coolers
  • Windowed top panel for unique “moonroof” visibility
  • Windowed side panel with optional fan mount
  • Cable management compartment organizes cables discreetly
  • Front-loaded HDD cage for up to 6 hard disk drives
  • Cable management ties help keep your case tidier
  • 10 drive bays
    – 6 x internal 3.5″ HDDs
    – 3 x external 5.25″ HDDs
    – 1 x external front-loaded hot swap 3.5″ SATA HDD caddy
  • 8 expansion slots
  • Cooling system
    – 1 x top 200 mm TriCool™ blue LED fan
    – 1 x rear 120 mm TwoCool™ blue LED fan
    – 2 x front 120 mm fans for HDDs (optional)
    – 1 x side 120 mm fan for graphics cards (optional)
  • Front ports
    – 3 x USB 2.0
    – Audio (AC’97 and HDA compatible) In and Out
  • Washable air filters for quick, easy cleaning
  • Maximum video card size: 292 mm / 11,5″ (Note: some video cards may block access to the adjacent hard drive bay)
  • Motherboards: Mini-ITX, microATX, Standard ATX
  • Power supply not included
  • Unit Dimensions
    – 491 mm (H) x 212 mm (W) x 492 mm (D)
    – 19,3″ (H) x 8,3″ (W) x 19,4″ (D)
  • Package Dimensions
    – 565 mm (H) x 273 mm (W) x 559 mm (D)
    – 22,5″ (H) x 10,7″ (W) x 22,0″ (D)
  • Net Weight: 6,9 kg / 15,3 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 8,5 kg / 18,7 lbs