ASUS P6T SE X58 i7 Motherboard Review

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The first benchmarks we ran are based on real-life situations and show just how much performance gain you will experience from this board and the 3.8GHz overclock.

WinRAR was benchmarked using the built in benchmark function and was left to run for exactly 5 minutes.

Asus P6T SE Review

7-Zip was also benchmarked using a function built into the software. For a fair test between different clocks, we ran the benchmark until it completed exactly 8 passes.

Asus P6T SE Review

HDTune was left to run until it was 100% complete. The ‘Burst Rate’ is the speed in which data is transferred from the buffer whilst ‘Access Time’ is the amount of time taken to access the data.

Asus P6T SE Review

As you can see in all the tests, the performance gain from the overclock is considerably significant.