BassBuds Classic Collection In-Ear Headphones Review

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Finding a good pair of headphones can be difficult. Do you go for style over sound or sound over style? Well, the BassBuds Classic Collection In-Ear headphones are the best of both worlds, offering high performance as well as a beautifully designed product.


We’re reviewing the Classic Light Blue model today, which is one of ten different colours to choose from.

The classic range offer crystaltronics sound technology, built in MP3 and call controls, powerful distortion-free bass and super-rich, detailed treble. What more can you ask for?

Well, the in-ear headphones are made from precision cut aluminium and Swarovski Elements crystal meaning that as well as sounding great they also look the part.

About BassBuds

Luxurious aesthetics and noteworthy sound are the key elements that define BassBuds™. Created to deliver stylish music devices whilst maintaining tomorrow’s sound technology for today’s consumers; BassBuds™ has quickly cemented itself as a brand where form and function are both executed to the highest standards.

A partnership with luxury industry leader Swarovski and their ELEMENTS® collection adds the sparkling hallmark to these elegant earphones. Embedded into the back of the sound chamber the crystals add a touch of class to the BassBuds™ in earphones which are available in over 20 different colour combinations. Research and development continues to yield revolutionary initiatives such as the BassBoomz portable Bluetooth speaker, set to dominate the luxury travel accessories market.

Product Overview

We’re testing out the Classic Light Blue headphones today, which arrive in what can only be described as a very high-quality box. The headphones are embedded in some felt covered plastic, along with three different types of buds (black, clear and a memory foam version) and also a handy pristine white protective storage bag.


Once you’ve started using your BassBuds you’ve now also got a cool little storage box to store any items you’d like to keep safe.


Those of you looking for a product that arrives with a whole range of accessories included, you need look no further.

Moving on to the headphones themselves, you can see right out of the box that a lot of effort has been put in to the overall design and presentation of the BassBuds.

We’ve got the classic light blue configuration, which features some silver banding and also the built in Swarovski crystal.

Whilst personally a Swarovski crystal isn’t something I’d include on my list of necessary product features, I can see how it would be appealing to many. They add a bit of style and individuality to what would otherwise be a fairly standard design.


There’s a hands-free microphone a little further down from the headphones, enabling you to speak freely to Thanks to the built in call button, which lets you answer and hang up on whoever is calling you, you don’t even need to remove your headphones to answer a call. I find this makes the BassBuds a suitable standard iPhone headset replacement.


The headphone connector is of the gold plated variety, meaning a much more improved connection between your devices is possible. This also adds to the durability of the connector.



To sufficiently test the BassBuds Classics I used them over a period of about 1 week. Throughout the week I used them to listen to music, catch up on some TV shows and also take a few calls whilst out and about.

Audio Quality

Being a self-confessed music lover I was in my element. My go to genre of choice is usually a rock / indie mix, however I’m quite happy listening to the likes of Eminem, Bob Marley and even some songs of the classical variety.

Whilst listening to most tracks from a range of genres I found the overall quality to be good. Bass was impressive with the mid to high range complimenting the overall sound.

The foam earbuds worked best for me, they were much more comfortable than the standard earbuds and I found that the bass was much stronger.


I tested the microphone / hands free out by having a few people call me whilst I was out away from the office. The quality of the microphone from my end was reportedly brilliant, with the audio sounding crystal clear. I could also hear the caller extremely well.


Obviously with products such as in-ear headphones you’ve got to manoeuvre them around a bit to find the most comfortable spot and get the best sound out of them. I’m not a massive fan of in-ear headphones for that very reason, but the BassBuds seemed to stay in the place I wanted for the most part. Moving around or running could see the headphones fall out, but this just depends on how far in you’re going to put them.

If you’d prefer the headphones to stay in all the time you’ll end up sacrificing some of the mids and highs because you’ll need to push them in your ear a fair way. You’ll have to wiggle them around a little to find a good middle ground, but with the inclusion of a variety of different earbuds you’ll definitely be able to find a good match for your ears.

You also need to remember that these aren’t sports headphones, so they’re not designed to stay in place completely if you’re out jogging or running.


Overall, the BassBuds Classic Collection In-Ear Headphones have proved that you don’t have to sacrifice style over sound quality, or vice versa. We’d definitely recommend these if you’re after a new pair of headphones to replace your standard iPhone headset. Saying that, these are kind of like a jazzed-up, improved version of the standard headphones with some great bass and decent mids and highs.

Retailing at £39.95, they’re a steal thanks to the large selection of extra earbuds, protective carry case and ability to both look great and sound great.

Over the week I was testing them one thing I did notice was that they don’t feel overly durable, this area may have been overlooked in favour of style and audio quality but they still do the job well.

The rubber earbuds aren’t the greatest, but that’s the same with most in-ear headphones. The foam earbuds are brilliant however, and the rubber ones make great spares. With a whole range of colour combinations to choose from you’ll definitely be able to find a pair that suit your style.

Taking everything in to consideration, if you’re after a pair of in-ear headphones that are comfortable, sound great and also look the part the BassBuds Classics In-Ear Headphones are a great choice. 8/10

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