Bayan Audio Bayan 7 Speaker Dock Review

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If you’ve not heard of Bayan Audio before then you’ve certainly been missing out. They produce very high quality speakers with the inclusion of iPod and iPhone docks. Today we’re testing the Bayan Audio Bayan 7, which features a five way 2.1 channel stereo speaker configuration, as well as an 8-inch sub and 120W of mouth-watering power. Let’s take a closer look…

As you can already tell, the Bayan 7 is not the smallest of speakers, but it is packing 120W of power inside so it’s not going to be something you’ll be putting on your bedside table.

The design is very unique with its completely clear Acrylic front and two-dock design; something I’ve never seen before on an iPod speaker dock.

We’ve got the black version to review today, but it can also be bought in a white version.

The front is where all of the speakers are situated with the twin 5cm full-range speakers and two 2.5cm tweeters on either side of the 8-inch sub, which provides very deep, defined and loud bass.









The casing around the 8-inch sub also acts as the stand for the Bayan 7, with a variety of ports and sockets on the rear, including an on/off switch, volume controls and also a USB and 3.5mm jack for hooking up your iPad.

As well as the on/off button on the rear, there’s also the touch sensitive button on the top that you can use to switch between Music Mode and Vocal Mode for when you decide to listen to things such as audio books and podcasts.









The actual docks feature the standard 30-pin connector, as well as a knob on the rear of the dock to adjust the dock for different devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. Unfortunately you can’t hook up your iPad this way for some unknown reason, but you can still use your iPad with the Bayan 7 via the ports on the rear of the speaker.









Bayan Audio have also included a very simple and compact remote control for the Bayan 7. The remote features a variety of options including the ability to switch between all three audio sources (Dock, Dock and iPad), adjust the bass, treble and volume levels and also switch between Music Mode and Voice Mode.

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