Be.ez Le reporter Air 13 MacBook Air Bag Review

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Whilst testing, the be.ez Le reporter Air 13 proved to be very handy indeed, saving my MacBook Air from being completely ruining after I stopped looking where I was walking! Thankfully, the tough exterior of the be.ez Le reporter was more than capable of protecting my MacBook Air.

As well as the Le reporter being very secure and tough, the three other pockets also came in handy with storing accessories, cables and various documents. Trying to get the MacBook Air charger in one of the pockets was pushing it a little though, but I just about managed it.

I thought that the strap could do with being slightly longer, as I, personally, felt that the bag was a little too high up my body for my liking and therefore kept hitting me slightly while walking. However, for most people it should be fine.


Overall, the be.ez Le reporter Air 13 has performed brilliantly. It’s made my MacBook Air completely protected whilst being carried around and thanks to the three other pockets, there’s more than enough room for accessories and important documents.

My only problem would be that the strap wasn’t as long as I’d have liked. Other than that, the retail price of around £60 is more than justified thanks to the ultra secure and sturdy nature of the Le reporter.


  • Very secure
  • High quality material
  • Three large accessory pockets
  • Very thin and sleek design


  • Strap could be slightly longer


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