Belkin Washable Mouse and Mouse Pad Travel Pouch Review

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Testing and Usage

To test the Belkin Washable Mouse, I used it as my normal mouse for a couple of days to get adjusted to the lower DPI that I’m normally accustomed to the size of it.

After using the mouse for general tasks such as browsing the web, writing reviews and email, I found that the Washable Mouse could easily handle these tasks. I then decided to see how well it would handle Battlefield Bad Company 2 (I already new the answer but for testing purposes I had to do so). Due to the low DPI of the Washable Mouse it is definitely not an ideal choice for gamers and would suit a user who just uses there computer or laptop to browse the web, check email, talk with friends etc…

I did, however, find that the mouse was relatively comfortable even though it is half the size of my normal mouse (SteelSeries Xai). The touch sensitive scroll pad also worked fairly well. It states in the intructions that it works for Windows Vista users and I found that it still works well on Windows 7 (I’m not too sure about Windows XP though).

The usb cable did not seem very long at all but I suppose that this mouse is more suitable for laptop users due to it’s smallness.

Now, onto the main feature of the mouse. I found it very strange to taking my mouse into the bathroom with me but I have a job to do and so I got on with it! I found that just turning on the tap a little bit worked better as this reduced the risk of water getting on the usb cable. Once you’ve “washed” the mouse, the instructions suggest using a soft fabric to dry it or using a paper towel. If you do get water on to the USB connector, you should not use the mouse until you’re certain that the connector is dry. The instructions say that this may take up to 12 hours.

The Mouse Pad / Travel Pouch did work well as well apart from the previously mentioned problem of a fold appearing in the middle of the mouse pad from when the pouch had been zipped up but the mouse still seemed to glide across it.

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