BenQ RL2240H Monitor Review

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The BenQ RL2240H is the perfect gaming monitor for those on a budget, costing just £113. The 21.5-inch LED backlit display is of an extremely high quality and there’s also a wide range of display modes for you to choose from. Also, with the ability to hook the monitor up via HDMI, you’re definitely getting one hell of a monitor for around the £100 mark. Let’s take a closer look…

Our first impressions of the BenQ RL2240H were that it looked very sleek with its glossy white design. It was also very lightweight, meaning that it was easy to move around. This could be seen as a problem for the accident-prone among us, but we feel that the overall weight of the monitor isn’t a problem due to it being fairly far back on our desk.

If we move around the sides and edges of the monitor, you’ll notice that we’ve got the BenQ logo in the centre, and also the menu buttons on the right-hand side of the monitor.









Now, you’ll most likely be wondering which button is which. After you press one of the buttons the menu will pop-up in the corner. Each button corresponds to a certain action or movement, just like a standard monitor. We’ll cover this in slightly more detail during the testing stage.

In terms of connectivity on the RL2240T, you actually receive a decent amount of ports, with the power socket and headphone jack on the left, and the HDMI, DVI and VGA ports on the right.









Included within the box, you also receive the user manual, power cable and VGA cable.

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