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Blue Microphones, a company usually associated with everything to do with recording audio, are the brains behind the Mo-Fi headphones. The Mo-Fi headphones boast an integrated audiophile amplifier and custom-matched drivers to deliver unrivalled sound. The 50mm titanium-reinforced ultra-responsive dynamic drivers bring an insane level of audio quality to your ears. We highly recommend checking them out.


The Mo-Fi headphones, which retail at £274.99, have been making the rounds online and have received excellent reviews from near-enough every user.

Mo-Fi say that the Mo-Fi headphones are the first headphone that delivers real audiophile performance and sound quality on every device – from professional studio gear to laptops, tablets and even your phone.

About Blue Microphones / Mo-Fi

Blue, best known as a leading innovator in microphone technology and design, today starts the rebellion against headphone convention. While we’ve seen dramatic advances in the quality and convenience of digital audio, headphones—designed specifically to bring us closer to sound—have lagged behind. We’ve come to accept compromises in our headphones, settling for mobility over fidelity, raw volume instead of powerful accuracy, and loud boomy bass over detailed low end. Headphones are the last barrier to a consistent listening experience across all your sources. We can liberate digital music from overhyped playback to true mobile hi-fi. That’s Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity.

Product Overview

The first thing about the Mo-Fi headphones that jumps out at you is the design. Whilst they’re obviously a pair of headphones, it looks like a team of fifty people were involved just to design how the headphones look.


From the multi-jointed design to the way you adjust the headphones, everything appears to have been meticulously designed.

Resembling an exoskeleton, the Mo-Fi headphones look more some sort of suspension system from a supercar. The headphones are made mostly from aluminium, and feature many flexible joints to enable the best possible fit for even the smallest and largest heads.

Sporting just over 2cm of padding on the headband, you won’t have an issue with comfort whilst wearing the Mo-Fi headphones. The headband also features a tension dial to allow for a more precise fit – making the headphones either a tighter fit or slightly looser.


Similarly the circumaural ear cups feature an extreme amount of padding – around an inch-and-a-half to be exact. This amount of padding helps to block out any exterior noise, and also prevent any sound leakage – something that used to annoy me to no end whilst travelling on public transport to and from college.

The ear cups are also where you’ll find the only switch. With three different modes to play with the headphones couldn’t be easier to use. Off, on and on+ are your options. The first option I really don’t need to explain, it turns the headphones off. The other two options though, do require some explaining.

“On” is just your typical on switch, flick the switch to this position and your headphones will turn on. This feature requires no power and the Mo-Fi’s will act as passive headphones, so if you haven’t charged the headphones up you don’t need to worry.

“On+” basically powers up the built-in analog amplifier resulting in a much more bassier experience, if that’s what you’re in to. The headphones output power is also boosted by 240mW when the amp is enabled. This mode will require the amp’s 1020mAh battery to be charged up though, via the microUSB port next to the on/off switcher, which takes roughly 3-4 hours for a full charge. The technical specs state that you’ll get around 12 hours of life on a full charge, and we managed to achieve just over 11 so no complaints there.


The Mo-Fi headphones also feature an intelligent power management system, which you don’t see on many headphones. Whilst the headphones are in use, everything is up and running. However, removing and letting the headphones close shut will automatically shut power off to the headphones. This design saves a hell of a lot of power, resulting in a pair of headphones that are always ready to go.

With 42 ohms of impedance, the Mo-Fi’s are not difficult to drive at all and for the most part you won’t even need to make use of the built-in amp seen as though the loudness and audio quality is already on another level.

If the amp is powered up there isn’t any noticeable distortion at all though, and the headphones get even louder.


With the Mo-Fi headphones, from Blue Microphones, being one of Blue’s first adventures in to the world of headphones, I’m incredibly impressed with the end result.

Featuring an extremely unique design, unbelievable levels of comfort and unreal audio quality, you could easily use these headphones for 12 hours straight and not feel any discomfort. Yes the price is very high, but after using these headphones for around three weeks I’ll quite happily state that these are one of the best pairs of headphones I’ve used in years and well worth the money.

The design, whilst very cool-looking and unique, could cause complications if you wanted to travel around with them a lot. They’re compact and sturdy enough to be packed in your bag without risking damage though.

Whether you’re after a pair of headphones to use whilst chilling out at home after a long week at work, or you’re after some high-quality headphones to use whilst creating your next top 10 hit, the Mo-Fi headphones work in a whole range of different environments.


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Excellent comfort and are extremely adjustable for all sized heads
  • Integrated amp offers even better audio experience than the already amazing passive-headphone experience


  • Dimensions may not make the headphones an ideal travel-companion
10 StarsGreat Value

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