Blue Snowflake Microphone Review

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A good microphone can be used in all types of scenarios whether it’s recording a commentary on a Battlefield 3 video to just chatting to a friend on Skype. Today we have Blue Snowflake microphone to review. It’s a professional microphone in a very small package, so let’s see how it performs…

Retailing at £35, the Blue Snowflake is at the cheaper end of the scale unlike the £70 Blue Snowball microphone we reviewed a few months ago.

The Snowflake arrives in a blue and white box with a snowflake design covering almost the whole box.

You can open the box in the middle, revealing the Snowflake and the included instructions manual.

The microphone itself is situated in its own plastic casing, which also hides the USB cable to hook the microphone up to your PC or Mac.

You can then remove the Snowflake from the casing and begin to hook up the microphone.


If we take a closer look at the Snowflake design, it’s almost a scaled down version of the Snowball microphone.

The rear of the microphone features the USB port to connect everything up to your computer.

The front is where the microphone itself is situated, with a mesh grill in front to protect the microphone.

Now, on to the testing and overall performance…

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