Blue Snowflake Microphone Review

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The Blue Snowflake microphone actually has its own stand included that allows you to place the microphone on to the tops of laptops, monitors, the edges of desks and tables and also just flat on a table.

The whole product is very sturdy and the build quality is brilliant.

To test the Blue Snowflake microphone, I’ve actually recorded a song for you guys. Well, a cover of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.

As you’ll see, I like to play the guitar in my spare time and have started to follow the crowd in posting covers online.

This first video (Pumped Up Kicks) was recorded using the Blue Snowflake as the microphone, directly into Garageband. No editing or effects were added to the audio in the video, it’s literally the raw footage.


As you just heard, the audio is very clear, there was hardly any background noise at all.

When we compare the first video with this next one, which just used the iPhone 4’s microphone, you can definitely tell the difference and hear how good the Blue Snowflake microphone is in comparison.


Overall, I’ve found the Blue Snowflake microphone to be absolutely brilliant. The build quality and overall design is brilliant, as is the audio quality.

With the Blue Snowflake available online for around £35, this is more than a bargain for such a well built and designed, professional microphone.

Obviously, the more money you spend on a microphone, the better audio quality you’ll receive. However, for £35, the Blue Snowflake’s audio quality is absolutely brilliant.


  • Great audio quality
  • Great design
  • Ability to position microphone in various places thanks to unique stand
  • Compact


  • None


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