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Today we welcome you to the Bose IE2 Headphones. These headphones are in-ear and have an interesting fitment allowing for them to be during sports. Find out what Rhys thought of them in this Bose IE2 Review.

Ask any audiophile and they will try to shy you away from Bose. Known for marketing mediocre headphones as ‘top of the range’ with high price tags to follow, it’s a shame Bose dived into this deep difficult market with two feet first without thinking. But forgetting the past, Bose has grown into a very popular company and has proved that there is one thing they do very well, being innovative.

From Acoustic Wave Cannon’s for theme parks to Noise Cancelling headphones for aeroplane flights, Bose have always shown a great interest in developing innovative solutions to solve real problems. Much to their success, their last attempt at In-Ear headphones didn’t go down to well with press and consumers often complaining about the earphones falling out and poor sound quality.

But Bose have gone back to the drawing board, listened to the critics and have redesigned what was the original Bose In-Ear headphones. Promising to have better sound quality and a better fitment, the Bose IE2’s could be the perfect in ear headphones.

As the name implies, the IE2’s are version 2 of Bose’s in-ear headphone range. There are three different specifications available: the standard IE2 (which we will be reviewing), the MIE2 and at the top of the range, the MIE2i. The MIE2 headphones have a microphone and button for taking calls. The top specification headphones, the MIE2i also have an inline remote suited to work with iPhones, iPads and IPods.

The IE2s arrive in a fairly large size box sporting Bose’s Black, Blue and White colour scheme. A small cut-out in the bottom left shows a holographic code, proving the authenticity of the headphones. Included with the headphones is a carry case for keeping your headphones safe from damage, small, medium and large ‘StayHear’ ear bud tips and finally a clothing clip to prevent cable snag.

bose ie2bose ie2

The most noticeable difference between these headphones and the predecessors is the ear tips. Bose have designed their very own ear tips, ‘StayHear’. These ear tips are made from silicon and sit inside the bowl of the ear with the ‘wings’ conforming to the ear’s upper ridge. Unlike conventional ‘In-Ear’ headphones, these sit slightly on top of the ear, allowing ample breathing space for the ear, so you shouldn’t experience the ‘sweaty ear’ problem common with in-ear headphones during long durations. However, as they do not create a tight seal, they are not noise-isolating earphones – as Bose never intended.

bose ie2It’s not just the fitment Bose have changed on the IE2s. Another added feature is an additional port on the ear phones to boost bass tones and to further enhance natural sound quality.

bose ie2As these are not your ‘run of the mill’ headphones, Bose know you want to look proud wearing them. From the cabling, which is striped black and white, to the earphones, which are glossy black with chrome speaker grilles and sport etched Bose logos, great attention has been paid to design a pair of great looking headphones to represent the £90 price tag.

bose ie2

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