Capdase Smart Tripod For iPhone 4 / 4S Review

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If you want to record videos using your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you normally have to put up with the camera shake and overall low-quality that comes with holding the phone in your hand. Well, the Capdase Smart Tripod for iPhone 4 / 4S is the perfect solution to shaky film footage and only costs £25!

The Smart Tripod comes in two sections, the base and the head. However, because of the design of the Smart Tripod you can just leave the adjustable holder to the side and attach your compact digital camera to the tripod as well.









The base is made up of three flexible legs, with hard plastic feet, which can be bent around various objects such as door handles and fences, or you can just place the tripod down on a table.









The iPhone dock / head features a hole where the screw will fit in, as well as a very sturdy adjustable holder, complete with soft foam padding and a release button on the rear.

With the ability to easily rotate the Smart Tripod 360 degrees, you’ll be taking great photos left, right and centre.









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