Capdase Smart Tripod For iPhone 4 / 4S Review

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Testing the Capdase Smart Tripod was relatively simple to be honest; I just went out and took some photos.

When using applications such as Camera+, which features a timer, the tripod is a really great accessory to have.

One way that it could be improved though was if there was an arm on the tripod as well, which would make recording shake-free video very simple as well.

However, despite the lack of an arm, the tripod performs brilliantly for such a cheap and simple product.


All in all, the Capdase Smart Tripod is a great accessory to have in your collection, if you’re into photography, or would just like some high-quality photos.

The whole product is designed extremely well and doesn’t take up too much room at all.

The secure and sturdy nature of the adjustable holder, as well as the ability to use compact camera with it, really makes the Capdase Smart Tripod great value for money.

If you’re looking for a great mobile phone holder, that enables you to take some great photos, then the Capdase Smart Tripod is more than capable.




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