Casemate Brushed Aluminium Barely There Case for iPhone 4 Review

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Product Overview

I have always had my eye on this case ever since it came out but haven’t had chance to buy it. Then i finally got my hands on it, and i must say i was very impressed. On the back it has this sheet of black brushed aluminium which feels good in the hand and it gives off this real professional yet stylish look to the case. All the ports and buttons were very accessible as the top and bottom of the case had big cutouts so its easy to dock onto speakers.

The aluminium sits on this black glossy case which covers the sides of the iPhone 4 and i liked this as it went really well with the appearance of the black iPhone 4. The cutouts on the side were perfect and easy to get to. This was now my favourite case for the iPhone 4 due to it looking very professional and stylish but mostly for it being super thin and not putting any weight or bulk onto your iPhone and for me Casemate done this very well.

Overall Verdict

Overall this case looks fantastic and at the same time is super thin while giving your iPhone some protection, some people may dislike it as its too thin and it doesn’t provide enough protection for them to think its safe. But this case will protect you iPhone from minor drops and scratches will keeping its slim design. No doubt this is my favourite case for my iPhone 4.