Casemate Venture Case for iPad 2 Review

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Product Overview

Casemate are known for producing high quality cases, and when i got my hands on the Venture case it felt like a strong folio case, and these are hard to find these days, i liked the etched textured design on the front with the red lining around the case to give it some jazz.

The iPad 2 fits perfectly inside the case and everything was aligned nicely without having to move it around. Ports and buttons were easy to get to buy my personal opinion the speaker was a bit to hidden for me, maybe a bigger cutout would of been superb. The case can fold out into a stand for watching movies, playing games or simply browsing through your iPad. When i flipped the front cover around the hold with one hand i had a major problem.

When the case would fold onto the back of the iPad it would lock and unlock, at first i was confused but then realised that the magnet is setting off the Lock and Unlock from the other side, so i had to turn this off in settings which was a big bummer for me as i do like this function.

Overall Verdict

Overall a really nice, well built leather folio, its slim, its stylish and i feel confident with my iPad inside, the only big issue i had was the lock and unlock situation when the front flap is folded onto the back of the iPad, if this was dealt with this could of been one of my favourite cases for my iPad 2.