Compro VideoMate U680F Review

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The Compro VideoMate U680F is a USB TV Tuner, but with the added ability of DAB radio and FM radio, and with the included Windows Media Center remote control, you’ll never need to leave your seat! Let’s see how well it performs.


  • Watch and record DVB-T on laptop or desktop PC with USB 2.0 interface
  • Listen and record to DAB/DAB+ digital audio broadcasting and analog FM stereo
  • Built-in LED on TV stick for signal strength indicates
  • Bundles Microsoft certified Windows Media Center remote
  • Windows 7/Vista Gadget tool for 32 bit operation system
  • Support H.264 1080i HDTV and MPEG-2/TS recording
  • Advanced PIP/POP and Video Desktop features
  • Support EPG, Subtitle, Teletext (no support for MHEG-5 UK Digital Teletext Service)
  • Certified for Windows 7 32/64 bit

The Compro VideoMate U680F arrives in its bright orange box that shows off all of its features and included contents. The box contains the VideoMate U680F, a remote control, USB cable, FM antenna, batteries, installation CD, guide and a digital TV antenna.









The actual USB tuner is fairly sleek and simple in design. You’ll notice a logo on the top of the U680F, this logo actually houses an LED to indicate the signal strength.

As with most USB TV Tuners, we have the USB connector on one end to plug into a USB port, and we plug the antenna in on the other end. A very simple process.









The included telescoping aerial features two antennas which open and pull out to receive the best possible signal. The aerial is designed to pickup all of the digital channels available, but we’ll get onto that a bit later on in the review…









Also included with the Compro VideoMate U680F is a remote control. The remote control is compatible with Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7 x86 /x64.

The remote features all the buttons you’d expect to find on a WMC remote. You have the WMC button located near the top, which will both open WMC and take you back to the start page whilst you’re inside WMC and also the power button in the top right corner.

You also have the play button, record, stop, step back/forward and rewind/fast forward, as well as the volume buttons, channel buttons and a number pad.









The remote requires 2x AAA batteries (included).

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