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The need for a high-quality laptop bag is always going to be there, no matter how sturdy your laptop is, but bulky and unattractive comes to mind when you think of the normal design of a laptop bag. That’s where the Concrete Cases Hook Case comes in. Concrete Cases are a brand new company who provide beautifully made laptop bags, which are also extremely durable and protective. Let’s see how well it performs…

About Concrete Cases

“Concrete Cases is a company that is run in a creative and transparent manner. We collaborate with a small, handpicked group of international designers to create products that stand out from the crowd.”

The Hook Case by Concrete Cases is a multifunctional case that has been crafted using soft Italian leather and aluminium frame corners.

If we take a look around the case, you’ll notice how beautifully crafted the case actually is; from the stitching around the edges to the padded-suede interior.









Each corner features a chromed, lightweight aluminium loop to attach the strap to so that you can have different ways to carry the Concrete Cases Hook Case.









Thanks to the lightweight design, adding a 13 or 14-inch laptop to the mix means that the overall weight isn’t very high at all, so it’s the perfect way to carry around your laptop when you’re not using it.

There are three different sizes available for the Hook Case, which are small, medium and large. The small is ideal for 11 and 12-inch laptops; the medium for 13 and 14-inch laptops, and the large for 15, 16 and 17-inch laptops.

There are also a few different colour options that you can choose from.

The Hook Case is available in Antelope Brown / Cobalt blue interior, Green Grey / Purple blue interior, Red Brown / Black interior and Charcoal Black / Orange interior.

We’ve got the Antelope brown version and it looks absolutely stunning, the soft nature of the leather really makes it stand out as well.

Our Hook Case also features a Cobalt Blue padded suede interior, which feels great and isn’t going to cause any damage to your laptop at all.

There is only one pocket, the main one, however with such as beautifully designed case you don’t really want to go and add loads of pockets that you don’t really need.

We tested how much you could fit inside the main pocket, and amazingly we managed to fit the MacBook Air, its charger, an iPhone and also a few documents, which was very impressive indeed for such as slim-line case.

Within the pocket, you’ve got two smaller pockets for possibly holding some pens and perhaps a notepad.

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