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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer: Introduction

Cooler Master is renown for designing top quality PC cases aimed at the enthusiast and gaming market. The CM Storm series is their high-end range, suitable for top performance gaming computers, these cases are specially adapted to ensure space and temperature is never an issue. The Enforcer is the latest PC enclosure to join this product line, let’s see how this gaming case scored in this Cooler Master Enforcer Review.

Moving with the times, Cooler Master brings some of the latest technologies to the Enforcer case, not present in some of their previous CM Storm models. Now we’re presented with USB 3.0, full solid-state drive support and removable/rotatable hard drive bays for high-end graphics cards. Below are some of the features:

  • Front I / O Panel with USB 3.0 (internal)
  • Tool – free for 5.25” device
  • Dust Filters on bottom and front intakes
  • Cable management for better cable routing
  • Reinforced front door protects your vital devices
  • Supports rear internal 120mm water cooling radiator
  • Removable & Rotatable HDD cage for convenient installation
  • Support high-end graphics cards including ATI Radeon HD 5970
  • Storm Guard – security system for safeguarding your gaming peripherals

Visit Cooler Master’s website for full features and specifications.

In true CM Storm form, the Cooler Master Enforcer arrives in a large red and black cardboard box with bold gaming style graphics on the front and detailed specifications on the rear.

Inside, the enclosure is properly protected with polystyrene padding. All of the accessories are contained in another box, included are:

  • Operator’s manual
  • Screws
  • 1.8” / 2.5” drive adapter
  • Motherboard buzzer
  • Cable ties
  • PCI security bracket
  • Case security bracket
  • 3.5” drive adapter for 5.25* bays
  • Drive adapters

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