R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse Albino Edition Review

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MadCatz are known for making very unique looking products but its not until you have a blast on the Cyborg R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse, that you feel like their products are unique. The R.A.T 7 is one of the most customisable mouses out there, it has three interchangeable palm rests, and three pinkie rests, personally I find having the grip palm rest gives me best results when pwning noobs. Underneath the mouse it has five 6-gram weights which you can change and make the weight of the mouse different for different gaming styles.

This mouse features a new generation ‘twin eye’ laser sensor which pretty much means its got pinpoint accuracy, it tracks up to 6 meter per second with its 6400 DPI sensor which you can set up to four different custom DPI settings or set it manually to be even more precise! It has five programmable buttons that you can set to whatever you feel necessary. What I really like about the R.A.T 7’s buttons is that they are placed perfectly so it doesn’t feel like you have to stretch to press the buttons, they are located exactly where you want them.

Once you have your buttons and settings configured, you can put them in ‘Modes’. There are three different modes which you can change straight from the mouse. I have one of the modes to ‘Entertainment Mode’, which is where I set some buttons to play the next song, or pause/play. My second mode is ‘FPS Mode’ this is super high sensitivity and precision aim accuracy. My third mode is ‘MMORPG Mode’ this is lower sensitivity so i can press my skills and also skim through them with ease.

This mouse works on both Windows and Mac, it has a DPI Range of 25-6400, acceleration of 50G a tracking speed of 6M/sec, it has PTFE ‘slick’ Feet which make the mouse glide with no effort and it has a braided gold plated usb connector.

Overall this mouse is outstanding, MadCatz have researched what gamers want and learnt from it. Gamers want a mouse they can change themselves and make it comfortable to their own hand, customise its speed, agility and power all while at the same time looking incredibly unique. This is a must have piece of kit for gamers out there requiring a high performance mouse which you can adapt to your liking.

10 / 10

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