Dell M110 Projector Review

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A small, lightweight, high-definition multimedia projector that you can simply pop into your bag and take with you on the road? We’ll be very impressed if this is the case for the Dell M110 projector. Let’s run it through some tests and see how it performs.

The Dell M110 projector is classed as an “ultra-mobile” projector by Dell and with a price tag of just £400 we have high hopes for this one.

Upon opening the box, it’s relativity empty. Apart from getting various booklets in multiple languages there’s not a great deal here.

You receive the projector itself, a carry case, 1x VGA cable, the necessary power leads and a CD containing the manual.









I found this somewhat disappointing, seen as though the Dell M110 projector is HD ready. I was at least expecting there to be a HDMI cable and a remote control included, especially as the quick set up guide refers to the remote in order to access functions, but I’m not one to write off a piece of technology, after all it’s not uncommon to have to purchase these kinds of items as extras nowadays.

I’m not going to lie, this wasn’t what I was expecting at all; in fact it was a lot better.  This is the first projector I have used and it has erased all preconceptions I had about projectors in general.  I was expecting a heavy, bulky piece of equipment that I’d struggle to find a home for, but it was at the other end of the scale.

The Dell M110 projector is incredibly small; it’ll sit in your hand with ease.  It’s very lightweight which is due to the fact its pretty much completely made out of plastic.

Obviously the front of the projector is where you’ll find the projection lamp, as well as one of the grills for the internal fans.

The top of the projector features the main controls, which includes the power button, direction buttons (which also double up as different options including source and display position) and the menu button, as well as the focus wheel at the front of the projector.









The bottom of the projector features two rubber feet at the rear, as well as a tripod mounting hole and a front leg, which can be twisted to make the projector go higher or lower.

Both left and right sides of the projector also feature grills to allow heat to exit the projector.

If we move round to the rear of the Dell M110 projector, you’ll find all of the necessary ports to hook up your various devices.

From left to right, we’ve got a Universal I/O, HDMI port, microSD card slot, USB port, A/V in and DC in for powering the projector.

You’ll have noticed the received in the top right, this is for the remote control, which is not included unfortunately.

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