Dell M110 Projector Review

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Seeing as the M110 is being described as a multimedia projector I thought I’d better try various options for playback. I displayed images and video files in various formats and it didn’t disappoint.

The microSD card, USB and HDMI playback were smooth and easy to operate, although it would have been a lot easier with the remote.

Thanks to the inclusion of 1GB of internal storage, you’re also able to hook up the projector and copy a video directly onto the projector’s internal storage, which was a very nice feature and also very useful in situations where you might want to just start watching a film without hooking up loads of cables.

Also featured on the Dell M110 projector is a small speaker that, although is fine when doing presentations, isn’t really up to the job when watching films or listening to music (although I’m not quite sure why you would want to use the projector to listen to music).

The final thing I had to test was streaming video via an external device; I chose a tablet pc and BBC iPlayer, which was just as good as watching content on my TV.

The colours were vibrant, and everything looked very clear.


I really wanted to give this a 10/10 but it’s the little things that let it down.  The fact that the remote, tripod and extra cables are not included with the product is disappointing, although they can be bought relatively cheaply online.

It’s also the inconvenience of having to do so that loses it marks. The other thing that I found odd was that there isn’t an audio out socket on the projector itself, so if you were watching a film via the microSD or USB function then you would have to make do with the minute integrated speaker.

Overall, the Dell M110 is a fantastic, smart looking piece of kit, and the ability to have a 62 inch “screen” wherever you like is great. If you’re technology minded person like myself and are happy to spend an extra 10min connecting to an external device then the Dell M110 projector is definitely for you.

It’s also relatively cheap at £400, when compared with professional projectors which could cost around the £1000 mark, although you will have to pay extra for the remote and tripod if they were required. Taking that into account, for £450 you can have a home cinema for a fraction of the cost of a 62 inch TV. I for one know what I would choose.


  • Images were displayed absolutely fine.
  • Video playback was spot on (obviously having a High-Definition copy of whatever you’re watching will improve the playback quality)
  • External playback was absolutely spot on as well
  • Colours were very vibrant and could be seen in light or dark situations


  • No remote
  • Very few accessories included


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