Drum Disc Portable Speaker Review

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Product Overview

When I first saw this product my first impressions were ‘this looks very low quality’. I was wrong. I then unboxed the product and it had a lot of weight to it and the chrome metal felt really strong and well structured. The design was very unique too, it has a chrome surrounding with rubber insides which lets the built in subwoofer have alot more flexibility while playing different types of songs. The sound quality was fairly good, the vocals weren’t clear enough and the bass was very nice, and as a techno fan this done a good job. I did notice that the bass was sometimes too much when you whacked up the volume but it wasn’t really a problem.

Overall Verdict

Overall this product is nice to have in your bag when travelling but too heavy to fit in your pocket, if the vocals were alot clearer this would be a beast of a speaker, and the design is very eye-catching.