Eagle Tech Consus P Series 2.5 Inch External HDD Enclosure

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Testing and Results

I will be using HD Tach on Windows Vista Ultimate (in Windows XP compatibility mode) during testing. The whole test is automated and only takes around 1 minute to complete.

HDD used: Samsung HM160HI (NTFS file system)



As you can see form the eSATA results, the Eagle Tech scored a 54.2MB/s read speed. This is a pretty good scoring, just 4.5MB slower than the Vizo Saturno – which has one of the best eSATA read speeds we’ve ever witnessed.


USB Read speeds are also very promising. It scored 10.2MB/s faster than the Saturno and just 1.8MB/s slower than the Ammo.

These results really show the speed difference between eSATA and USB. Many portable hard drive enclosures do not come with eSATA , such as the In Win Ammo, so it’s good to see Eagle Tech deciding to support this much faster technology.

Other Factors

Cost: The Consus costs around $20 (£12) which is quite a reasonable price as the Consus is very light weight (even with the HDD installed), and very easy to use.