eBase Portable Speaker Review

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So its that time of year where students are going to university, people are travelling, visiting friends, and what else better to have in your bag than a funky portable speaker? This ebase speaker has a very unique look to it, with its curved design and its rubber lines with a green background. This is the perfect accessory to have in your bag when travelling.

The Product

The speaker has its volume and power controls on one side and then the charging connector and accessory attachment on the other side. Its about 15cm long so it is perfect for placing in your pocket and in your bag. You can get it in green and red and the whole design of it looks really funky and just fun too look at. Its two speakers are placed perfectly apart with the ebase logo smack bang in the middle. On the bottom of the device it hides the 3.5mm jack cable which pops into a indent where it can be made even more portable. It is easy to get out and in; it also has two feet grips too keep the speaker in place.

The sound quality of the speaker is very clear and crisp especially when listening to vocals and jazz. Its bass isn’t the best buts its reasonable but not for the bass lover. It plays any type of music very well, and you will be surprised at how loud this little speakers goes for its tiny size. It plays best at around 60% volume, if you go any higher it gets really distorted and can be very disturbing to listen too. So beware of this.

On one charge it has up to 15hours play back and it powers a high output of 6W stereo.

Overall Opinion

Overall this product is a really cool accessory to have in your bag or pocket when travelling or visiting friends/family and it really pumps out some high quality sound but only when played below 70% max sound. I really love the design and appearance of this product, it really sparks some funk into your portable speaker. The only downfall is when playing really loud it does get distorted. But overall a high quality product perfect to have in your backpack.