Enermax Revolution 85+ 950W PSU

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Enermax Revolution 85+ 900 Watt PSU


Enermax is a company renowned for their high performance power supplies. Here at Tech-Reviews, we’ve kindly been sent the Revolution85+ 950W power supply to take a look at. Let’s take it to the battlefield and compare it up against some of the other top PSU’s in our roundup. Read on and find out if the Enermax Revolution 85+ is victorious.

About Enermax

The Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1990 and today is one of the leading producers of PC power supplies, PC cases and other peripheral stuff. Since 2000 the head quarter is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Founded by a group of high-tech oriented young professionals Enermax gained an excellent reputation over the last almost 20 years.


Enermax Revolution 85+ 900 Watt PSU


Enermax Revolution 85+ 900 Watt PSU