Equinux Tizi Review

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With TV and film becoming more and more mobile, it was only a matter of time before a dedicated product came out for iPad and iPhone. And this is it, the Equinux Tizi. It works by receiving the TV signal and then streaming it wirelessly from the receiver to your device. Let’s see how well it works…

The Equinux Tizi arrives in a relatively compact box with a white and blue colour scheme. The front shows the Tizi in action and the product name is written in black bold writing in the top left.

The reverse lists the features in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French; nothing too exciting there.

Once we get inside the box, you’ll see that there isn’t actually too much to the product as a whole, all you receive inside is the microUSB charging cable, some information on an application for German, Austrian and Swiss users and the Tizi itself.

The Tizi is very compact and slim. It sports a design similar to the iPhone 4 with its silver border in between the glossy black front and back. Seen on the front is the Equinux logo as well as the product name, Tizi, at the bottom.

If we take a look at the back of the Tizi, you’ll see that it’s home to the rechargeable battery compartment, various copyright logos, as well as the Tizi website address.

On the right and bottom sides, we have the power button and the microUSB charging port, respectively. And on the top left corner we can see the antenna, which can be extended.

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