Evercool 92mm Rifling Fan

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Testing and Results

To test this fan I am going to install it in my case. I will then take temperatures with SpeedFan to show if the fan affects the overall system temperature.

I first took temperatures before the fan was connected and then with the fan powered up. As the Rifling comes with a molex adapter, a spare motherboard outlet is not necessary.

Evercool 92mm Rifling Fan Review

As you can no doubt see the Rifling didn’t affect the CPU temperature by a single degree. This is probably because the fan was too far away from the CPU. Either that or it could have something to do with the fact that the airflow was neither more powerful nor more directionalised than a generic case fan.

When active the fan made no more noise that a dead housefly, that is to say it pretty much made no noise at all.

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