Evercool Buffalo

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The Evercool Buffalo is a great example of a CPU Cooler which is well priced and does its job very well. It managed to keep our E8400 much cooler than the stock Intel cooler did in all tests, even lowering the temperature by a whopping 15 degrees in one instance! Furthermore, it was very simple to install, this meant by hand wasn’t sore or covered in cuts after installation – believe me it’s happened.

However there are a couple minor flaws. The first being the noise of the cooler, it was evidently louder than the stock Intel, so people upgrading for silence will probably want to steer clear. Finally, the cooler is only compatible with either Intel or AMD CPU’s. Unlike other CPU Coolers, Evercool only include the mounting brackets for one brand of CPU.

This leads me to conclude by awarding the Evercool Buffalo the value award. For just £15 this CPU Cooler is a true bargain!

Value Award