Fonesalesman QiStone+ Wireless Charger Review

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A quick google search comes up with countless wireless charging products. Today we’re reviewing a product from Fonesalesman; a company who are looking to bring wireless charging to the masses. The product they’re hoping to achieve that with today is the QiStone+. The QiStone+ is a wireless 4000mAh power bank, that uses a technology called “Qi” (pronounced “Chee”), and is capable of keeping your smartphone charged throughout the day without the use of any wires.

We’ll also be testing another of Fonesalesman’s products today; the WoodPuck. The WoodPuck (Bamboo Edition) is a wireless charger built from Mao Zhu Bamboo, which is both more sustainable and more attractive in appearance than regular wood. It differs from the QiStone+ as it does not include a battery. You’ll need to plug the WoodPuck in to a USB port for it to work, but it’s the same concept as the QiStone’s wireless charging feature.

About Fonesalesman

Fonesalesman is determined to make the world without wires a reality for its customers. We are responsible for top-of-the-line pads sporting such as the KoolPad, KoolPuck, game-changing wireless charging receiver for iPhone iQi Mobile and the thinnest wireless charging receivers for Samsung Galaxy S5, the S5 SlimPWRcard.

Design & Testing

The QiStone+ has both the look and feel of a stone, which is a rather unique design for a wireless charger. It’s definitely something I haven’t seen before.

The front of the charger features the Fonesalesman logo, and also a battery power indicator.


Moving to the top of the device you’ll find a USB port and micro USB port, the latter being used for charging up the 4000mAh battery inside the QiStone+. The USB port enables you to charge up a second smartphone or any other USB powered device whilst also charging your smartphone wirelessly.


The receiver works with any Qi-enabled device, or you can use the iQi Mobile Receiver (iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C and 5) that’s also available from Fonesalesman. The receiver just plugs in to your iPhone’s charging port and is then attached to the rear of your device. The receiver can be either left on display or completely hidden from view within your smartphone case.


I did find connectivity a little iffy when using my current case as it is quite a thick protective case. However, using a silicon rubber case the receiver works perfectly fine.

The underside of the QiStone+ features the usual copyright information, battery power info and also four rubber feet to stop the charger from sliding around.


I found little to no delay in charging my iPhone 6 up using the iQi receiver. The QiStone+ detected the receiver immediately and my iPhone began to charge within seconds. The same can be said for charging via USB. The QiStone+ detects the phone straight away, as you’d expect.

I also found that charging my iPad via USB and iPhone 6 (using the iQi receiver) simultaneously to be pain-free as well. Obviously this drained the QiStone’s battery a little more than normal, but I still managed to charge both devices up to almost 100%.

The WoodPuck is the second wireless charger we’re taking a look at. Also from Fonesalesman, it boasts a 100% bamboo casing. This means that it’s much more visually appealing and is more sustainable than traditional wood. It does remind me of a drinks coaster, but there’s more than enough space to place your phone on top and just like the QiStone+ it’s a very unique design.

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Based on our testing of both the QiStone+ and WoodPuck Receiver over the past month, we’ve come to the conclusion that the QiStone+ boasts more value for money. The QiStone+ retails for £44.99 and includes a 4000mAh battery pack, whereas the WoodPuck retails at £39.99 for just a wireless charger.

Both look incredibly stylish and would look the part just sat on your office desk, or even just on the coffee table at home.

However, your decision depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Would you benefit from having that battery pack available for emergency battery-charging situations or do you prefer the look of the beautifully crafted bamboo WoodPuck? The decision is all yours.

Based on the past few weeks of use we’re going to be awarding the QiStone+ 10/10! It really has surpassed expectations, is visually attractive and works as advertised. It also looks the part pretty much anywhere you place it.

Because of it’s performance, we’re also pleased to be awarding the Fonesalesman QiStone+ our Editor’s Choice award.

Hopefully, this review will help you in your decision for a wireless charger. You can check out the Fonesalesman range by clicking this link.

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