Gear4 Oxford iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

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The Gear4 Oxford iPhone 7 Plus case provides advanced protection against impacts thanks to its D3O® smart material. With the ability to store credit cards inside, and also a handy viewing stand feature, the Gear4 Oxford could be a great way to protect your device and save pocket space by storing your most used cards within the case.

The Gear4 Oxford is available in four different colours, with those being gold, rose gold, black and the silver version we’re checking out today.

D3O® Technology

You may not have heard of D3O® technology, but you’ll definitely be a fan. Long story short, the D3O® technology provides impact and shock absorption to materials whilst enabling those materials to remain soft and flexible.

Upon impact the material will lock, meaning that your device will be surrounded by an incredibly sturdy and protective layer. Once the material has locked on shock it will return to its flexible state.


There are three main features of the Oxford case; these are the protective front cover, which features a clip to secure the overall case together, the inner section featuring the credit card slots and then the main case portion.

The front cover features a handy mesh-patterned material grill over the front-facing speaker grill, enabling you to hear phone calls with the cover on.


If we move to the outer edge of the case you can see that there are some volume controls aligned with the controls on your phone. These enable you to adjust your devices volume when the cover is over the screen. A small, but useful feature nonetheless.


Moving to the rear of the case it’s quite clear to see that there’s a lot of protection between the outside world and your phone based on the recess where the phone camera is located. This can only be a good thing, because the last thing you want is a case that can withstand being dropped, but can’t handle some crumbs on your kitchen counter.


For testing purposes, the Gear4 Oxford case has been my goto case for the past couple of weeks. Personally I’m not usually a fan of cases that cover the screen, but with the protection that the Oxford offers I’ve been turned slightly.

For the most part I’ve been very impressed during testing. My phone was definitely protected, and felt very secure within the enclosed case.

I’m not a fan of the awkward way of holding the phone when you’re on a call, because you either have to have the cover flap around near your face or attempt to hold it down against the rear of the case whilst holding the phone to your ear. However, that’s the same with most phone cases of this style.

The credit card slots came in very handy, and since I try to use contactless wherever I go I only really require a couple of cards to be on my person at all times. I did find that they were a little difficult to remove when both cards were in their slots, but a little wiggle prompted them to slide out of the case with relative ease.


Whilst my iPhone was within the case I was still able to access all of the ports, and since there were some indicators on the left side of the case for where the volume controls are (as mentioned earlier), adjusting the volume of my music wasn’t an issue either.


The viewing stand feature was a welcome addition. I know I’m not the only one that watches YouTube videos or films on their smartphone, and the ability to have a viewing stand built in to the case was great.

My only gripe would be that when trying to use the viewing stand, with my iPhone 7 Plus, fully extended, the weight of the iPhone 7 Plus was a bit too much for the case to handle and it ended up almost collapsing to a near-horizontal level. Moving the stand to a bit more of an upright position fixed this, but it’s a shame that there’s not a few more reinforcements within the case to stop this from happening.



The Gear4 Oxford case for iPhone 7 Plus retails for £34.99, and boasts a wide range of features. The credit card slot and viewing stand had some minor issues, but weren’t the end of the world. All in all, the features of the Oxford case worked well and the D30® technology is a welcome addition.