Griffin Survivor Summit & Journey iPhone 6 Case Review

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Survivor Journey


The Griffin Survivor Journey case, unlike the Summit, looks like a fairly standard iPhone 6 case.

However, much like the Summit, the Journey is ultra-protective. It is vibration and shock-resistant, can survive 6.6-foot drops and is also Military-grade designed and tested.

From a looks point of view, this is the type of case I’d personally go for if I was on the lookout for a new case. It’s ultra-thin, extremely tough and looks great.


It’s available in a few colour combinations, including black, black/blue, black/white and pink/grey.


The version I’m checking out today is the pink and grey case. Not usually a colour combination I’d go for, but it actually looks quite good.

The case itself has managed to protect my iPhone 6 extremely well during my week of testing. Like most cases it features a lip around the edge of the case that stops the screen from hitting the floor directly when you drop it.


The inner section of the case features Griffin’s “Impact Dispersion System”. This interior layer of protection is designed to keep your device protected whilst any shock or vibrations are absorbed and dissipated around the outside of the case.


One part of the Journey case that I’m not a big fan of is the smooth surface on the outside of the case. It’s a little too slippy for my liking, and whilst my iPhone would definitely be protected I don’t really want it to be constantly slipping out of my hand.


All of the ports and buttons around the device are still easily accessible, and despite a few small problems the Journey case performed extremely well.



Both the Griffin Survivor Summit and Survivor Journey have performed extremely well. There were a few aspects of each case, however, that I wasn’t a big fan of.

The Summit has proven to be an extremely effective way to protect and keep your device safe whilst out in the harsh environments of the great outdoors. With the included clip, it’s incredibly easy to keep your device safe and secure simply by attaching it to your belt or bag strap.

Unfortunately the bulkiness of the case is a little off-putting for me personally, and the easily-scratched plastic screen guard was a little disappointing; however there’s no denying that the case does exactly what it was designed to do.

The Journey, whilst looking quite generic in design, is also an extremely effective way of protecting your smartphone. It’s both durable and slim, so there’s no added bulkiness when using the case, however I was a little disappointed with the lack of grip.

With regards to price, both offer great value for money at around £33 for the Survivor Summit, and £20 for the Survivor Journey.

Griffin are a well-known manufacturer of accessories, so you can be entirely confident in the that you’ll be receiving a high-quality product that will keep your device safe and unharmed when out and about.

8 StarsGreat Value

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