Griffin TuneFlex AUX HandsFree Review

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We’ve got the Griffin TuneFlex AUX HandsFree to review today. The TuneFlex is part of the brand new DriveSafe range of products launched by Griffin earlier this month and boasts an AUX/Mic cable that allows you to send audio, both calls and music, to your car speakers whilst also letting you talk handsfree. Let’s see how well it performs…

Griffin are well known in the technology world for being the leaders in accessories for iPod, iPhone and iPad, so with that in mind the TuneFlex should definitely provide enough wow factor to justify the £34.99 price tag.

The DriveSafe range of products is designed to limit driver distractions from mobile devices, therefore reducing accidents on the road.

The TuneFlex arrives in a relatively cardboard box with a black, orange and white colour scheme. The front clearly shows the TuneFlex in action as well as listing some of the features on the left.

You’ll also have noticed in the image above that the iPhone that’s on display still has its case on. This is a great design feature that not many manufacturers take into account.

Once we’re inside the box you’ve got an instruction manual and a Griffin sticker as well as the product itself including AUX/Mic cable and the plastic casing to support your iPod Touch or iPhone.









The TuneFlex features a car charger with 5V @ 1A output and 12V DC input and a 1/8″ AUX jack.

If we take a look at the cradle for your device, you’ll notice the standard 30-pin dock connector at the bottom and also both the Griffin and TuneFlex logos.









The knob on the rear of the cradle allows you to adjust the depth of the cradle depending on whether you’re using an iPod Classic, iPod Touch or iPhone with the TuneFlex. You can also twist the cradle into any position thanks to the very flexible arm and twistable cradle.

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