HIS ATI Radeon HD4770 Graphics Card Review

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Although the HIS Radeon HD4770 has been around for quite a while now, it still boasts performance which many modest gamers will be more than happy with. For any gamers or enthusiasts looking to spend under £100 on a graphics card I fully recommend you give the HIS 4770 a try. It offers performance which is on par with the 4850, although dropping slightly behind in the Anti-Aliasing department and comes in at £20 less. A saving I’m sure many will be happy with.

After tinkering too, there’s plenty of extra juice which can be squeezed out from the 40nm chip which we found out when overclocking the card. In fact, we managed to get an extra 9FPS out of the card, an amount many of us will be happy with for little effort and no expense.

So for £70, this card still remains one of my favourable recommendations for a graphics card I’d consider aimed at the ‘budget’ end of the market. It performs well, overclocks exceptionally and comes at a rock bottom price of £70. Bargain!

5/5 Award

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