HP Envy 5540 All-In-One Printer Review

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The HP ENVY 5540 is an All-In-One printer that boasts built-in Wi-Fi, double-siding printing, a 2.2-inch touch screen which makes navigating the printer extremely easy, and also the ability to save money on ink using HP Instant Ink. It retails for less than £80, but it takes up a decent amount of space on your desk. Let’s see how well it performs in our review.


Sporting a black colour scheme, the HP Envy 5540 has the looks of a very impressive bit of kit. A 2.2-inch touchscreen mono LCD display is where everything is controlled from including the copying, scanning and printing functions and also accessing HP’s free printables section where you’re able to print off a wide selection of forms, calendars, puzzles and more.


The rear of the printer is pretty standard, you’ve got a power port, and also a USB port for connecting your printer up via USB (the cable was not included in my review unit, so be aware that you may need to purchase one separately or use one of your existing cables).

However, with an incredibly easy Wi-Fi setup feature there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be using Wi-Fi to print from your devices, in our opinion.


If we open up the top of the printer you’ll find the scanner function of the Envy 5540. It reminds me more of an office photocopier, due to the sheer width and depth, though!

Lifting the second section of the lid brings you right inside the printer where you’ll be able to change the ink cartridges when required.



Whereas many printers will use the same paper tray for regular printing and photo printing, the Envy 5540 actually has a separate paper tray for standard A4 paper and also a 4 x 6-inch photo paper tray. The primary A4 paper tray is able to hold 125 sheets of paper, and the secondary photo paper tray has a max capacity of 15 sheets of photo paper.

To access the paper trays, all that’s required is a pull on the handle at the bottom of the printer. This will reveal the primary A4 paper tray, with the secondary photo paper tray being located on a sliding panel, which can be pulled out if required.


A fairly cool feature of the Envy 5540 is the tray for printed items. Upon closing the paper tray, the printer will do it’s thing and then the tray for printed items will pop out automatically. A random feature, but cool and unique nonetheless.


Included within the box are your usual documents, user manuals and a CD.


All in all, the HP Envy 5540 is the perfect option for students or home office users on a budget. The double-sided print option, which isn’t normally a feature on printers of this price range, works extremely well. With the ability to also produce high-quality photo prints, you can’t go too wrong for £79.

The main issue, that I found, was that the printer takes up a fair amount of space. This could cause some issues for people with a lack of office space, but if you can find somewhere to store the printer, then you’re good to go.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Respectable black / white print speeds
  • Low price for a printer of this standard
  • Separate paper trays for regular and photo printing
  • Instant Ink ready


  • Rather large
  • No USB cable included
9 Stars

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