iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger Review

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With the amount of tech that everyone carries around with them nowadays, whether that’s a smartphone, a tablet or an iPod, it’s highly likely that you’ll also be taking these items on holiday. Fitting various wall chargers in to your suitcase is not ideal, and takes up a considerable amount of space. The iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger is therefore the ideal travel companion. It features 6 USB ports for all of your charging needs and also has SmartID Technology built in, meaning that it can identify a particular device and ensure the maximum charging efficiency.

The iClever 6-port charger only costs £18.99 from Amazon, it’s extremely lightweight and has an output of 50 watts through the 6 available ports meaning that you can charge various devices simultaneously.

The actual design of the charger is extremely simple, but looks of a high quality – unlike many travel chargers I’ve used in the past. The iClever logo can be seen on the front of the charger.

The whole device is made from a hard durable plastic, with a matte black coating. The two sides of the charger are glossy black.



There isn’t a specific way that the charger is meant to sit, meaning that it can be placed anywhere.


Being the technophile that I am, I have a variety of different devices to test on the iClever 6-port charger.

Some of the devices that I’ve used on the charger include, but are not limited to:

  • iPhone 6
  • Apple iPad Mini 2
  • Apple iPad Mini 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • HTC One M8
  • Kogan Agora 4G Pro
  • Sony Cybershot WX-220

In terms of the speed that the devices are charged, it’s almost identical to plugging them directly in to the all. Obviously if you plug in enough devices to fill up the 6 slots the speed at which devices charge will reduce slightly, but thanks to the 50 watts of power there’s more than enough power to go around. It can even charge 4 iPads at once, at maximum speed, or 6 iPads at a slightly reduced rate because the charger is only a 10amp unit.

I took the iClever charger away with me for a few days, and despite not necessarily needing a 6-port charger during this time it was very handy to be able to charge all of my devices in the same place.

Considering that the charger is not much bigger than a debit card, and only 27mm in height (when lying down), it works incredibly well.

The only problem I found, which wasn’t really that much of a problem but it’s worth mentioning, was that a fairly quiet high-pitched noise can be heard when charging up your devices. As I said, it’s not hugely noticeable and if you move more than 1 foot away from the device it can no longer be heard.


The need for a travel charger is not necessarily the same for everyone, however a great travel charger is always a good thing to have access to. With the ability to charge up to 6 devices, all of which require a decent amount of power, the iClever 6-Port Usb Travel Wall Charger offers excellent value for money.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Not too expensive
  • Fast charging


  • Slight high-pitched noise when charging devices
10 Stars

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