iClever IC-BTS02 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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To test the speaker we tried pairing it up to a few different devices to check out the sound quality you can expect, using both the Bluetooth and AUX inputs.

Pairing via Bluetooth is simple, turn on the Bluetooth on your device, turn the speaker on and select the speaker from the list of available devices.

To test the audio quality I thought I’d play through some of my eclectic music taste, making sure I listened to a bit of everything. There were the dulcet tones of Hozier, the rocky beats of Muse and even a cheeky bit of Chemical Brothers. What was apparent is that whilst this device certainly offers better bass than many other Bluetooth speakers of a similar form factor, it was still a little muted. The result is that heavier, more bass reliant, music sounds a little dulled as you would expect. The mids and highs are perfectly passable for a device of this size and pricing, but the bass doesn’t live up to what I was led to expect from the packaging.

That said, when listening to more acoustic artists such as Nick Drake, the speaker sounded spot on with the emphasis on the mids really bringing the tracks to life.

In call performance was solid, if not spectacular. The microphone seems something of an afterthought and can only pick up voices reliably when facing the person speaking, and even then when being within 2 feet of them. Beyond 2 feet the pickup tails off significantly.


All-in-all a solid all round Bluetooth speaker with nice aesthetics, build-quality and respectable audio performance. If you’re looking for range-topping audio quality you can write home about, you should be looking at devices costing £200+. For something you’d be happy to take camping or out for a picnic, you can’t go wrong with the iClever IC-BTS02. God I wish they called it something like ‘the soundcube’…

7 Stars

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