In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure

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To gain access to the inner tray, you’ve simply got to remove a couple of screws on the rear. The plastic back-piece that surrounds the rubber then falls off. Using the front rubber piece, you can then push the rubber inner tray out from the Steel enclosure.

In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure

The inner tray is completely made from rubber. This helps to reduce vibrations from the drive and also gives greater protection. There is no cabling inside the tray, a hard drive simply connects right up to a SATA power and connector at the rear.

In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure

Once you’ve connected a drive up, the rubber edges of the tray can be folded over the hard drive until it is safely secured into place. The rubber tray fits very snugly to a 2.5” hard drive and so it will not wobble around or come loose.

In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure

To setup the RFID security of the drive you firstly need to marry the two RFID tags to the enclosure. Only one tag is actually needed for the RFID function, however, In Win have provided two to be setup just in case you lose one.

To setup, you simply swipe each tag over the device in turn until the enclosure’s LED flashes green and two beeps are sounded. Once married, a clean format of the hard drive is needed. This is to be done using the ‘Disk Management’ utility in ‘Administrative Tools’.

Once a clean format is complete, the RFID function is setup and the hard drive is ready to use. When plugged in, the Ammo displays a red LED and sounds one-short beep. This indicates that the hard drive has not yet been decrypted. To do so, you have to swipe one of the RFID tags over the sensor until the LED turns to green and the enclosure sounds two beeps. Once this has happened, the drive has been encrypted and is ready to use. To decrypt the drive again, you simply have to swipe a RFID tag over the sensor again.

In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure


The In Win Ammo offers just USB connectivity; this connection can also power a hard drive. However, some drives may require extra power, in which case, a power lead needs to be connected to the power jack on the rear. To test we will measure speeds from USB 2.0 connectivity and also the CPU Utilization needed to perform the HD Tach benchmark.

HDD used: Samsung HM160HI