In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure

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Results and Conclusion


USB Average Read and Write: 36.4MB/s and 38.7MB/s

CPU Utilization: 2%

These are some really good scores for USB 2.0 connectivity. HD Tach also reveals constant performance from the inner to outer area of the hard drive with minor spikes in places. With CPU Utilization as low as 2% also, this enclosure really is a cracking performer.

Other Factors

The In Win Ammo costs around $45 (£27).  A fairly good price for a piece of kit that's made from 0.8mm Cold Steel and has very good security measures in place.


The AMMO is a winner in my books with it's very sturdy exterior and brilliant security measures.  The read and write speed of the AMMO are also very good for just USB connectivity, I think that if it had eSATA capabilities then it would be one of the best enclosures money could buy.

Bottom Line: If you need an enclosure that offers security, durability and reliability then the In Win AMMO will definitely do the job for you.

5 / 5 Award