Inateck 13-Inch MacBook Air / Pro / Pro Retina Protective Bag Review

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Inateck are home to a wide range of products, from bluetooth speakers to HDD docking stations. Today we’re taking a look at a product from their Protection range. The 13-Inch Dark Grey MacBook Protective Bag, designed and created with four layer eco-friendly materials, features a super soft flannelette layer to help avoid scratches, bumps and shocks.


The Inateck Protective Bag normally retails at £29.99, however for a limited time it appears that Inateck have put a 45-50% discount on their Amazon page bringing the price down to just £15.99 here in the UK.

Product Overview

The bag itself has a dark grey and orange colour scheme, with a light grey option also available. It sports one large front pocket, stretching the width of the bag, and also quite a slim design.

It’s reminiscent of a smart / casual briefcase, which I believe is mentioned in Inateck’s description of the bag as well.


This particular bag is suited to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina and also the MacBook Air. You should be able to get away with storing any 13-inch netbook within, as long as it’s not too bulky.

Taking a closer look at the bag it’s not really that obvious who it’s made by as the only part featuring the Inateck logo is the small orange tag at the side.


Moving around the case you’ll find the handle, also orange in colour, which is somewhat elasticised to enable different sized hands to hold the bag with ease.


As I said earlier there’s one large front pocket, which stretches the width of the bag. This can be used for a variety of accessories. My iPad Mini just about fit in, but folded paperwork, pens and notepads could fit in here with ease.


Now, for the main part of the bag. As stated it’s suited to a 13-inch sized MacBook Pro or similar. The interesting part about this bag is the way the zip works. Where as normal bags have the zip at the top, and you put your laptop in from above, the “hinge” on the Inateck bag is at the top which means the bag opens from the bottom.

Once you’ve unzipped the bag it can be opened out like a giant rug, and you can insert or remove your laptop. There’s probably no need to open it completely as just opening the bag enough to slide your laptop in would probably me sufficient, but what sort of reviews website would we be if we didn’t test the product fully?

It works brilliantly though, with the inner part of the bag featuring the super-soft flannelette material that completely covers your laptop when the bag is zipped up. You can definitely tell when you feel the material that no damage will be inflicted on the laptop whilst in transit.

Also, to ensure your MacBook is kept in tip-top condition, Inateck have also included a cleaning cloth to help remove dirt and fingerprints from the display. A nice inclusion I’m sure most of you will agree with.



How did we test the Inateck Protective bag? Well, it was basically used as my MacBook Pro Retina’s main carry bag whenever I was out of the office.

This involved car journeys and walking through town, to name a couple. The latter being much more of a challenge to navigate through without the MacBook being knocked. People don’t really care what you’re holding when they’re in a rush. Thankfully I had a protective bag to hand!

Overall the bag was a pleasure to carry around. It doesn’t look out of place, and goes with anything. You could be a businessman in a suit, or just in a more casual outfit going to meet friends.

There wasn’t an issue with the weight of the bag as it hardly ways anything, so the only weight you’re really carrying is that of your laptop and any items you place in the front pocket.

I tested taking our MacBook’s charger out with me, and whilst it did fit in the front pocket it was a very tight squeeze. Probably not the best idea if the charger does feel like it’s pushing against your MacBook.

Removing devices, accessories and, of course, my laptop out of the bag was easy and painless. With the inner part of the bag being made from an extremely soft material, you don’t need to worry about it getting caught or scratched on removal.

Any Problems?

The only thing we discovered that may cause a potential problem is that the zip works the other way around to conventional bags. This means that if you leave the zip open on a normal bag, and pick it up, nothing will happen. You’ll notice the bag isn’t zipped up and carry on.

However with the Inateck design, if you leave the bag unzipped and go to pick it up then your laptop will instantly fall out. We tested this on a bed so that the laptop wasn’t damaged and we could see how this could become a very expensive mishap if your bag was placed on a desk, or another hard surface.

The only good think we discovered about this problem is that the laptop will come out of the bag instantly, if not zipped up. This means that the laptop isn’t in the air when it falls out, it’s just about to be lifted. So, a potential problem that is somewhat fixed thanks to the bag not actually holding the laptop unless it’s correctly zipped up.


All in all, an extremely good experience whilst using the Inateck Protective bag. There’s not a lot to it, but everything that is featured on the bag works very well. The large front pocket is very handy to store USB drives, notes, stationary, and even an iPad mini. The main pocket is extremely good at its job of both protecting your laptop and ensuring it is not damaged whilst zipped up. The fit is relatively tight, but not so tight that it restricts the bags ability to protect.

With regards to price, the current deal on Inateck’s Amazon page is extremely good. Who doesn’t love a 50% price reduction?! The standard price of £29.99, in our opinion, is still very good value for money as well if you’re viewing this a few months from when we first published the review.

We’re quite a fan of the bag’s looks as well. It’s a rather professional / smart casual design, so it goes with virtually any look.

Despite the potential problem we found, regarding the way the upside down zipper works, we’d still highly recommend this bag to anyone with a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Pro or Air. It’s a tight fit if you want to carry around your MacBook charger as well, so we’d recommend just ensuring you have a full charge instead.

You can purchase the Inateck 13-inch Protection Bag, along with other sized versions, on their Amazon site by clicking here.

Overall, based on our findings, the Inateck 13-inch MacBook Pro protective bag has earned itself a very impressive 9/10 and also the Editor’s Choice award.

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