Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

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Finding a decent bluetooth keyboard tends to be very difficult if you’re after something not too pricey, but still provides a decent level of performance. Here’s where the Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard comes in. With a design similar to that of Apple’s wireless keyboard, and a price tag of around £17, hopefully the Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard will prove to be just as good for a third of the price.


From a design perspective, the BK1003 looks very similar to my current Apple keyboard (as seen below) apart from it being black. The build quality is equally as good, and is of a similar weight. Inateck have gone with a matte black front for the keyboard, which appears to be of a relatively decent quality.


Along the top of the keyboard we have the usual function keys, as well as them also doubling up as media controls, and home / search buttons for iOS or Android devices.

The keys sit very flush to the body of the keyboard, and whilst I don’t want to keep mentioning Apple this is also identical in design with Apple’s keyboard.


Obviously for the £20 and under price bracket, you can’t have a completely aluminium body, so the Inateck BK1003 features a stainless steel underside. Which does help to set it apart from other competing bluetooth keyboards.

The underside of the keyboard features four rubber feet and the on/off button. The side of the keyboard houses the charging port, which you can hook up the included USB charging cable to.

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As the Inateck websites states that the BK1003 is compatible with a range of devices, I’ll be testing the keyboard with my iPhone, iPad mini, iMac and Windows Laptop. My Android device is unfortunately no more as the battery has decided to go on holiday indefinitely.

The list of compatible devices is quite extensive, with the Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab being listed as some of the main portable devices. As well as these, the keyboard also works with laptops / computers such as the Apple iMac.

Setting up the BK1003 with your chosen device is simple. First off, you just need to make sure the keyboard is on and then hold down “Fn + C (bluetooth key)” to let the keyboard be visible to bluetooth enabled devices. Next you just need to tap the BK1003 in your list of devices, and that’s about it! No passwords or pairing codes needed here, just a nice simple code-free pairing.


First off, the iPhone.

Whilst I don’t see the need for a bluetooth keyboard to be able to be used with a smartphone, I’m sure some of you would make use of this feature. Connectivity was great, and there appears to be no lag between key presses. The included iOS buttons, such as Home (escape button) and search work very well and as expected.

The iPad mini.

Obviously a more suitable device to use the keyboard with, and it works extremely well. The included iOS Fn buttons all work well. My only problem is that there is no ability to move between apps with the press of a button, you actually have to use your hand… (I know right?! *sarcasm*)

My “trusty” Windows laptop.

With the laptop obviously already housing a keyboard, this test is merely just for testing purposes. Using a bluetooth keyboard with a laptop (unless your keyboard is broken) is just a bit weird.

Connectivity again is great, with no lag on key presses at all. This is something I’ve had difficulty with on other bluetooth keyboards, so the BK1003 has done a great job in that area.

Not Windows related, but it’s also great to see a “delete” key and a “backspace” key on a small bluetooth keyboard. It might not seem vital, but being able to delete text in front of what you’re typing is sometimes really helpful. *Good job Inateck*

And finally the iMac.

As previously stated all Fn keys work well, and with the previous devices you just need to hold down the Fn key and the button that corresponds to your device and the keyboard will change the keys around to work with that device.


Unfortunately with the iMac, and other Apple notebooks, the Esc key is not functional / compatible so if you use the Escape key quite often this could become a bit annoying.


Overall the Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard has performed well, and has an admirable build quality that could easily compete with Apple’s own £59.99 wireless keyboard.

There was only really one feature that started to annoy me a little bit, and that was the power-saving feature that can’t be disabled. The device will go to sleep after a 10-minute period of inactivity, which doesn’t seem too bad but it did start to get on my nerves a little. I feel that in future updates / models perhaps a button to disable this would be useful. Pushing a few keys will wake-up the keyboard in around 2 seconds though. Obviously if you’re constantly typing and using the keyboard then this won’t be a problem for you.

Despite the power-saving feature, the Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard has performed beautifully and feels like a very high quality product whilst in use.

With a price tag of just £17, you won’t find a budget bluetooth keyboard with usability and build quality as good as this on the market at the moment.

We’re awarding the Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard 9/10 and our Great Value award.

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