Inateck TPB-IM iPad mini Sleeve Case Review

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Whether you’re a case person or not, when it comes to covering or protecting your tablet, having something suitable to carry your tablet around in is a must. With so many different types of cases and sleeves available, it’s difficult to know which to pick. The Inateck TPB-IM iPad mini sleeve could be the answer for you.

Being someone who takes the iPad mini everywhere, some form of protection is vital if you want to keep it scratch-free and in pristine condition. For some it’s a full-on protective case, for others it’s a simple sleeve. Recently I’ve been leaning more towards the sleeve category for my case of choice. With the ability to keep your iPad looking scratch-free, to then being able to then use your iPad in all of it’s natural glory without the bulky-ness of a case, is brilliant.

A full-on protective case is definitely a good idea, but for those times where you’re literally just taking your iPad to and from the office, school or a friends house a sleeve is just more appropriate and still provides a decent level of protection.


The Inateck TPB-IM has a relatively simple design, made from a soft mixed-grey felt type material, which features a magnetic leather band at the top of the sleeve to keep your iPad secure. Whilst I like this design, I can’t help but feel that the lack of protection to the top of your device could end badly for some.

Around the edges of the sleeve we have white stitching, which does give it a somewhat designer feel.

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Using the sleeve from day to day was pain-free. The iPad mini fits snuggly in place within the sleeve and the simple magnetic band keeps your device from falling out. The sleeve is light, protective and doesn’t take up much more room than a “naked” iPad mini.


The sleeve offers a small degree of protection, with the screen and body being the main areas protected from scratches and dents. I wouldn’t recommend going out and dropping your device on the floor though. You’d be very lucky if your iPad made it out unscathed.

Moving back slightly to an area you could probably class as a design feature, the Inateck TPB-IM can also become an iPad stand for those of you who watch videos on your device.

A few simple folds of the case, and voila! A very usable iPad mini stand.



All in all, if you’re looking for a simple yet very useful iPad mini sleeve then the Inateck TPB-IM is definitely worth checking out.

For the current low price of £12.99 (RRP £26.99), you can’t really go wrong. The overall quality and ability to turn into a stand has definitely sold it for me!

We’re awarding the Inateck TPB-IM iPad mini sleeve a respectable 9/10.

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